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About us

Earth and Water is a family business in every sense; not only owned and operated by family members, but over our time we’ve employed fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. Everyone’s family is truly part of the Earth and Water family.


& creative


Why we do it

Put simply, we love what we do.


Earth and Water began in 1977, through Tim’s passion for the challenge of moving dirt. Over the years he has learnt and crafted his skills, while bringing together a team of equally passionate people. Our 40 years has seen us work for many challenging and interesting projects, alongside a great bunch of customers and colleagues.


Our history isn’t because we’ve done the same thing time and time again, it’s because we’ve evolved. Most of our fleet is equipped with GPS technology for greater precision and design capability.


We are excited by the continued evolution of the industry and can’t wait to be part of the next era.  

Earth and Water

Since 1977

Why we are different

To survive in the industry for this long, you have to adapt. We are at the forefront of capitalising on GPS technology in our equipment and we’re excited about where it’s taking us and our customers.


We’re also really proud of having a small passionate and dedicated team, many have been with us for over 20 years. We value our team and they value us.

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